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"Behind the Scenes " - how the Rehoming process starts.

Tilly is a very special 13 year old female Shihtzu who came into our care from the inspectors and spent 2 months in the care of our branch fosterers, whilst she was treated and cared for.

Tilly's story is one of sadness. She had been neglected and only weighed 2.4 kg when she was rescued. She had ulcers on an eye,claws that were almost growing into her pads, had to have 13 teeth removed and also had an extremely matted coat.



Tilly now weights 3.8 kg and is doing really well.  She was given a clean bill of health at the Vets recently and has now been found a new home to go to.

After all she has been through, you might think Tilly would have some issues-anything but !!. Tilly is the loveliest dog we have had the pleasure to foster.

She is very quiet and loves to be on your lap for lots of love. Although she is a quiet dog,she turns into a puppy and a different dog when she sees her lead and it is time for her walk. She is amazing on the lead and trots along like a little lady. She has no issues with cats,only stands,looks and wags her tail. She is very sociable to all who stop to talk to her.

She is extremely clean in the house, sleeps all night long and never once has she woken us up to toilet outside.
Happily she has learned to play with toys again . She loves her little treats which have to be soft due to her having so many teeth removed but that doesn't stop her from enjoying her food and she has a fantastic appetite.

Tilly ready for her new home

Tilly ready for her new home

Fudge came in on the 14th January. He was 12 weeks old but due to his bad start was stunted, skinny, suffering with severe infections in both eyes and was full of worms and fleas. He was afraid of people and very scared.

8 weeks later in foster care fudge has tripled in size and weight!

He is now healthy, fun, happy, fully vaccinated, neutered and after only 8 short weeks is in a furrever home!



June 2013
Whilst walking their dogs through the woods this week, one of our volunteers came across a microwave box which their dog seemed to be showing a lot of interest in.

After having a look at the box which was taped together she realised that there was a cat stuck inside the box. Once the box was open she found a beautiful black and white mum cat and a 4 week old male tabby kitten.

Had they not been found there was no way they could have escaped from the box. The cats are now being well looked after in one of our foster homes and receiving lots of love and attention. They have been checked over by a vet and are luckily healthy despite their ordeal.

30th June - A quick update on the Cats, which are now called Chester and Alice. Chester is still timid and doesn't want much in the way of human company. But he loves the Dogs and Cats at the foster house and is very brave and gets into everything.  Alice is a very sweet girl and very easy going. She can be a little shy but comes out her shell. They are both eating well and growing fast!

June 2013
These tiny kittens were only 1 week old when they were rescued by our local RSPCA Inspector. A member of the public called to let us know 2 kittens had been abandoned by their mum and weren't being fed.

The 2 kittens are now in our care in one of our foster homes and are being given round the clock care. Our volunteers show great dedication to all the animals they take in and these kittens need so much more care than usual.

The fosterer looking after these tiny kittens is hand feeding them every 2 hours with a special milk formula similar to that of a mother cat. This needs to be done for the next few weeks to ensure they have the best chance of survival.

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