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As a Local RSPCA Branch, we are an independently registered charity run by volunteers and we rely heavily on local fundraising activities and public support to allow us to provide direct animal welfare services in our area.

In 2020, Altrincham RSPCA rehomed 381 animals. This was made up of 186 cats, 24 dogs, 71 rabbits and 100 others.

We take in animals that local RSPCA Inspectors have rescued from harm and abandonment or that had come to us via the Greater Manchester Animal Hospital. We also take in animals directly from the public and other sources.

We arrange welfare vouchers to assist with Veterinary treatment for those who could not afford animal welfare bills for their pets.

On average, we spend over £30,000 each year on Veterinary bills, Kennel fees and food and fostering costs for the animals in our care, with Branch administration and other running costs taking that figure higher.

We are a separate charity from the national RSPCA and our volunteers raise funds locally. Without your help and support we could not continue to carry out local animal welfare work.

Please see the "About Us" page for further details of the work we do

Donations and Legacies

If you would be interested in making a one-off or regular donation to the branch please contact our Branch Manager Julia Tucker on 0161 286 2503 or email rspca.altrincham.cheshire@googlemail.com

We have a secure, online donation webpage where you can make a one-off or regular donation contribution to our work at : www.justgiving.com/rspca-altrincham-cheshire

A legacy or bequest would provide crucial funds – we could not carry out our work without such generous support.

If you are considering a legacy to Altrincham RSPCA in your Will , please remember that the Altrincham RSPCA Branch and all the local RSPCA branches are separately registered charities.

So if you would like the animals in your local area to benefit, please ensure that your intended legacy goes to " RSPCA Cheshire (Altrincham) Branch ".

Below are details of ways you can help us online.

Here is the link to our Easy Fundraising Page

Join easyfundraising and you can collect free donations for us every time you buy something online. It won't cost you a penny extra so please help us to raise funds. You can make a big difference on everything from groceries to getaways


Amazon “Wish Lists”

The Wish Lists allow people  to purchase much needed food and rehoming equipment for our animals from amazon.co.uk and have it delivered to us.

In the last two years we have successfully taken in and rehomed well over 400 animals and they get through a staggering amount of food, bedding and toys which takes a big chunk of the money that we are able raise locally.

If you are able to help provide food or equipment  in any small way, it will free up money to help pay with Veterinary bills and other costs.

We have pages for :

Cats - www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/HGPEQFXG6WXH

Kittens - www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/3P2R3U0KL2P3B

Dogs - www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/1O5DQJ9RGDTNJ

Rabbits and others -  www.amazon.co.uk/registry/wishlist/1R13Y95F0HFAI

EBay for Charities

We are now registered with Ebay for Charities, which means that EBay sellers can give a chosen percentage of the sale price to Altrincham RSPCA, if they wish to.


Thank  You

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