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Here are our Rabbits that are ready for rehoming. This webpage is updated regularly.

All our animals who are ready for adoption are also shown on the National RSPCA “Find a Pet” website, where they have lots of free online help and support, if you are considering adopting a pet or have just taken a new animal into your home. We are always happy to give help and advice about re-homing an animal.


Our adoption fees are £50 for a single rabbit and £95 for a pair of rabbits. Additional donations are greatly appreciated to help us to continue with our work. 

All our rabbits are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped prior to adoption. We will arrange to visit your home to discuss your new rabbit with you prior to adoption and answer any further questions you may have about rehoming. During the home visit, we can ensure the home is suitable and advise on preparing your home and garden, removing potential dangers, and buying food, bedding, and toys.

During the home visit, we can discuss bonding your chosen rabbit. Rabbits are happiest in pairs or groups, we won't rehome a single rabbit to live outside alone. A neutered male/ neutered female combination is usually the most successful bond.

If you currently have a pet rabbit, they will need to be neutered and up to date with their vaccinations.

We do occasionally have single bunnies suitable for being a single house rabbit in a home where they will have plenty of human company and will not be left alone for long periods of time.

Ahead of the home visit, you will need to ensure that the rabbit(s) will have plenty of space to move around and stretch freely without restriction to be healthy.

For a pair of small to medium sized rabbits, they will need 24 hour access to a secure minimum sized set up of 60sqft (3mx2mx1m) all on one level, which should include a minimum sized bedroom area of 6ftx2ftx2ft. This should ideally be situated on a concrete or flagged base. All wire needs to be galvanised wire mesh (16G 13mmx13mm) not chicken wire. For large or giant bunnies minimum size set ups will need to be bigger than above.

Before buying any set ups you can, if you wish, check the suitability with us first. The more space they will have, the better for the rabbit’s health and happiness. Large and giant breed bunnies will need larger set ups.

We are here to help and support for the rest of the rabbit’s life.

If you would like to offer any of our rabbits a new home please contact Jo on rspca.alt.cheshire.smallanimals@gmail.com


Thomas & Chloe are a beautiful pair of bunnies looking for their forever home together. 

Thomas is a white and grey lionhead cross aged approximately 3 years old. He came into our care via an rspca inspector from a large multi rabbit household. Thomas was rehomed a couple of times but both times was returned to our care due to failed bonds. So we decided to bond him in our care and after a little grumpiness to start with he absolutely fell in love with Chloe. 

Chloe is a small/medium sized upeared cross breed girl. She is a stunningly beautiful grey colour. Chloe came into our care via another rspca branch, she was signed over into their care as her previous owner had bought a puppy who didnt like Chloe, so they decided Chloe had to go bless her. She is the sweetest little girl, quietly confident and always first to the front when food is on offer! 


Thomas and Chloe are both neutered & vaccinated and are looking for an outdoor set up of at least 60sq feet (3mx2mx1m) where they can play, explore and just be bunnies!

They are fantastic hay eaters, both love their food and will make the loveliest addition to their new family. They are both very good with their litter training. They are looking for a quiet rabbity home without children. 


Meet our beautiful Bertie Bunny, a 3 year old boy who came into our care a few weeks ago via Greater Manchester Animal Hospital.

Bertie is quite the character and will always make his presence known - he doesn't like to be ignored and quite enjoys a fuss! At meal times he'll bound up to the front of his pen and stand up on his back legs waiting (not-so-patiently) to be fed, and he just loves it if his foster mum takes the time to hand feed him his greens! 

He's very cheeky, inquisitive and active, and would appreciate a home with lots of enrichment and space (min 60sqft) to keep him entertained - pulling down the hay rack so he can find all the best crunchy bits is one of his favourite activities. 

Although he doesn't mind a cuddle (on his terms of course) like many bunnies Bertie isn't keen on being picked up and can kick out quite hard if not handled carefully, so for that reason he would be better suited to a home where any children present are mature enough to understand that bunnies shouldn't be picked up unnecessarily. 

Bertie is looking for a home where he will be bonded with a calm female bunny. He was neutered in early August so will be ready to think about bonding from mid September once his hormones have fully settled. 

Bertie has been microchipped and vaccinated against Myxomatosis VHD1 and VHD2. 

Meet the lovely Tillie and Ava

Tillie and Ava are medium sized cross breed bunnies. Ava the cream coloured girl is around 5 years old and we have guestimated Tillie the black girl to be around 4 years old.

Tillie and Ava have had a sad, but all to common, past. They have been passed from home to home living in a very small hutch with very little room to move. Tillie and Ava have been in our care for over a year now and are loving all the space they have had. They have grown into wonderful bunnies who have a very special place in our hearts.

Ava was extremely overweight when she arrived, she is now a healthy weight but still has a big dewlap. 

Tillie and Ava have been health checked by a rabbit savvy vet, neutered, fully vaccinated against myxomatosis, vhd1 and vhd2 and microchipped. They are looking for an experienced rabbit home. 

Tillie and Ava are really friendly and come running to greet you, mainly to see what treats you have on offer! They are typical bunnies and do not like being picked up. 

They both had muscle wastage when then arrived due to living in a small space, they have improved lots and loving the freedom they now have. Tillie especially loves having the space to play with toys, her favourite is a ball with a bell inside. 

Tillie and Ava are brilliantly litter trained and are fabulous hay eaters, they both enjoy a variety of veggies and a healthy diet.

Tillie and Ava have a wonderful relationship with each other. They could possibly be mother and daughter. Tillie suckles on Ava like she is a security comfort blanket, it is very unusual behaviour for a rabbit but Ava doesn't mind at all even if it does leave her fur a little matted in places (we brush her regularly to keep her coat in good condition) 

Tillie and Ava are looking for a calm gentle home where they can be adored. Who ever adopts this pair will be very lucky with 2 very lovely bunnies to care for.
Tillie and Ava
Tillie and Ava
Tillie and Ava

Introducing lovely boy Thunder. Thunder is an English Spot cross aged just over a year old.

Thunder is a very active busy boy, he likes to rearrange his furniture just to how he likes it! Hes always moving things around, his litter trays and his bedding boxes are in a different place every morning!

He loves his toys especially throwing them around, his treat ball being his favourite toy.

He can be a little shy but a handful of fresh veggies wins him over. He enjoys his hay and always uses his litter tray.

Thunder has been neutered, he is fully vaccinated and microchipped. Thunder is looking for a home where he will be bonded with a neutered female rabbit.


Meet Betty & Hudson, 2 year old husbun & wifebun. They are both cheeky and confident bunnies, with a passion for bunstruction - their favourite thing is getting a new cardboard box full of hay that they can eat and then demolish!

They are fantastic eaters (perhaps a bit too much!) and enjoy eating greens, veg and forage alongside mountains of hay. They will always come to greet their foster mum at mealtimes and quite enjoy a little fuss while they're eating, but they do find being picked up quite stressful, as many bunnies do, so would prefer a home where this could be minimised.

Betty (white lop) and Hudson (black and white Dutch) are closely bonded and very sweet to watch together, but when introduced to new spaces Hudson can sometimes demonstrate some dominant behaviours towards Betty, which can stress her out a bit, so they would need to be introduced to any new larger areas gradually. 

Betty & Hudson have both been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated against Myxomatosis VHD1 and VHD2.

How adorable are sisters Hettie and Freya!? 

Hettie and Freya came into our care at just 5 weeks old along with their mum and dad. The new dog in the home was terrorizing them and the owners no longer had the time for them! Mum and dad have both now been rehomed.

Hettie and Freya are now 5 months old and are ready to find their forever home together. They are the most adorable confident friendly girls who adore each other. They would be a fab addition to any home. 

Hettie and Freya have both been health checked, neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped. 

Minimum size requirements for housing is 60sqft all on one level.

Hettie and Freya
Hettie and Freya
Hettie and Freya
Hettie and Freya

Meet Fozzie and Sweetpea

Fozzie and Sweetpea came into our care due to their owners ill health, they were no longer able to provide the care the bunnies needed. Sweetpea was originally adopted from us in 2019.

Fozzie is approximately 9 years old and Sweetpea is approximately 4 years old.

This pair just love the freedom to run and binky in the garden, Sweetpea does the most amazing jumps and twists and turns! They are truly at their happiest having lots of outdoor space to explore. Fozzie loves his home comforts with a nice comfy soft bed to lay out on.

They were both quite overweight when they arrived in our care, Sweetpea had infected fat rolls around her bottom which needed antibiotics and cleaning daily. She is now fully healed and a healthy weight and has no issues at all keeping herself clean.

Both bunnies are fed a mainly hay based diet with a few very low calcium veggies. Fozzie started having a few urinary issues and after investigation we found a huge bladder stone which was surgically removed. He is now fully healed and enjoys his romaine lettuce.

Both bunnies are fabulous hay eaters, they particularly love a bit of readi grass. They are also great with their litter training. Neither bunnies like to be picked up, they are very much rabbity rabbits who are wonderful to watch. Fozzie is the more sociable of the pair.

Fozzie and Sweetpea are both neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped.

Fozzie is quite a large boy, they will need a new home a minimum of 60sqft all on one level. They have never lived in a hutch so a shed and run or an aviary style set up would be ideal for them. 
Fozzie and Sweetpea
Fozzie and Sweetpea
Fozzie and Sweetpea
Fozzie and Sweetpea

Meet our super cute puppy dog Fred. Fred is a small to medium sized up eared bunny, he was approximately 4 months old when he came into our care (April 2021) 
Fred came into our care after he was abandoned by his owner. 

Fred is super inquisitive and nosey! He loves to be involved in whatever you are doing!  

Fred just LOVES company, he wants to be with you all the time. He is such a soppy softy. He was very jumpy and unsure of being handled when he first arrived in our care but he is now such a cuddle monster, he just loves a fuss and a stroke and would sit there for hours being the centre of attention! 

For such a small bunny Fred has a huge jump in him! He is very agile and very intelligent so will need a large secure new home with plenty of enrichment to keep his mind busy. He would make the best house bunny! He is immaculately clean and would just love to be snuggled up on the sofa with you. 

Fred is brilliantly litter trained and loves his hay, he now enjoys a variety of fresh greens aswell. 
Fred has been neutered, fully vaccinated and microchipped and is now ready to find his forever home where he will be bonded with a neutered female rabbit

Introducing our lovely wonky Wilbur. Wilbur is a medium sized cross breed boy about 10 months old.

Wilbur came into our care after being passed from home to home.

He is an extra special boy due to his deformities and is looking for an extra special home. Wilbur has a deformed spine causing his body to bend. At the moment this doesn't bother him at all, he is a super active boy. In time as he gets older he will be more susceptible to arthritis and will likely need to be on long term antiinflamatories to help. Access to a good rabbit savvy vet would be essential.

Wilbur is looking for a home all on one level to see him through his life. At the moment he is very agile but as he gets older this may change, also there is a risk due to the curve in his spine that jumping could cause damage.

Wilbur has a wonderful diet and loves his hay, both to eat and to bury himself in! He is also wonderfully litter trained. 

Wilbur is looking for an adult only home as he will need careful handling.

Wilbur would love to be bonded with a neutered female rabbit in his new home.

Wilbur was castrated 5.3.21 so will be ready to bond after 30.4.21. Wilbur has also been fully vaccinated and microchipped.


Meet Hazel & Fiver, a gorgeous pair of bunnies who came into our care via RSPCA Stapely Grange. With their long legs, big ears, lean bodies and skittish natures we originally thought they might be wild rabbits, but after a few weeks in a foster home they've started to come out of their shells and show off their cheeky bun sides, so we think they probably just have a good portion of wild heritage in their genes. 

Fiver is the most confident of the pair, and you can guarantee he'll be at the front of his enclosure the minute he hears the rustle of a bag of kale! He's nosey and likes to observe everything going on, and he'll happily take food from your hand if it's one of his favourites (brussels are a particular love at the moment!) and let you have a little stroke of his head. Hazel is a bit more reserved, and she will let Fiver take the lead and investigate new people and things first before she joins in. She can usually be coaxed out with the favourite kale bag rustle too, but she's more likely to run away again once she's grabbed a bit and taken it with her.



Hazel & Fiver are both fantastic hay eaters, and their favourite game is pulling the hay rack over so they can get to the best bits first! They're quite neat and tidy with their litter tray, so could probably be rehomed as either indoor or outdoor bunnies, although if indoor they would prefer a quiet household.

Although handleable when necessary they both prefer not to be picked up and can get quite frightened if they are, so they would be best suited to an adult / older children environment where they can choose how and when to interact with their humans. They're not large buns but with their athletic bodies they love to run, jump, climb and binky, so they're looking for a home with plenty of space to do this and display all their natural behaviours (minimum 60sq ft floor space, and ideally more).

Hazel and Fiver have both been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated against VHD1, VHD2 and Myxomatosis, and now they're just waiting for their perfect forever home together



Meet our very own love story stars Patch and Smudge

Patch and Smudge came into our care along with 18 of their babies via an rspca inspector from a home where they had been allowed to breed and breed, their needs weren't met and they were being fed a completely inappropriate diet of take away left overs and meat.

Smudge had a young litter of kits she was feeding and was already pregnant again when she arrived in our care. Patch was super attentive and loved his family but sadly we had to separate him as he wasn't neutered.

Once Smudge had finished rearing her babies, she was given a couple of weeks to rest before she was neutered.  Smudge has had snuffles a couple of times which has responded well to a short course of antibiotics but her new owner must be aware of this and to monitor her in the future.


Patch was neutered pretty much straight away and our plan was always to rebond the couple once Smudge had full filled her mother duties and was neutered and healed herself.  This took a little longer than originally planned due to Patch suffering a seizure. He was taken to the vets straight away and admitted for a couple of days for tests and to monitor. All his tests came back clear so the plan was to monitor in his foster home for 3 months to see if he had any more seizures. We haven't witnessed any more since his initial one and hopefully it's unlikely he will but we cannot be 100% sure he won't have another.

Due to their history Patch and Smudge are looking for an experienced rabbit home with access to a good rabbit savvy vet, full vet history will be provided to the new owner.


Smudge can be a little shy initially, she loves her food so treats are the best way to win her round. Patch is a sweetheart, he is such a lovely gentle boy and loves attention. They are both active buns who like lots of interactive toys to keep them occupied. They are both great hay eaters and are good with using their litter tray.

Patch and Smudge are now both neutered fully vaccinated against myxomatosis vhd1 and vhd2. They are looking for their forever home together

Patch and Smudge
Patch and Smudge
Patch and Smudge


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