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Here are our Rabbits that are ready for rehoming. This webpage is updated regularly.

All our animals who are ready for adoption are also shown on the National RSPCA “Find a Pet” website, where they have lots of free online help and support, if you are considering adopting a pet or have just taken a new animal into your home. We are always happy to give help and advice about re-homing an animal.


Our adoption fees are £45 for a single rabbit and £80 for a pair of rabbits. Additional donations are greatly appreciated to help us to continue with our work. 

All our rabbits are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped prior to adoption. Our rabbits are neutered at 4 months old, so if your chosen rabbit is younger than that, we will organise with you for the rabbit to be neutered once old enough.

We will then arrange to visit your home to discuss your new rabbit with you and answer any further questions you may have about rehoming. During the home visit, we can ensure the home is suitable and advise on preparing your home and garden, removing potential dangers, and buying food, bedding, and toys.

During the home visit, we can discuss bonding your chosen rabbit. Rabbits are happiest in pairs or groups, we won't rehome a single rabbit to live outside alone. A neutered male/ neutered female combination is usually the most successful bond.

If you currently have a pet rabbit, they will need to be neutered and up to date with their vaccinations.

We do occasionally have single bunnies suitable for being a single house rabbit in a home where they will have plenty of human company and will not be left alone for long periods of time.

Ahead of the home visit, you will need to ensure that the rabbit(s) will have plenty of space to move around and stretch freely without restriction to be healthy.

For a pair of medium sized rabbits, living outside, you will need a minimum sized set up of a 6ftx2ftx2ft bedroom area (hutch) with a permanently attached run of 6ftx6ftx2ft, ideally situated on a concrete or flagged base. All wire needs to be galvanised wire mesh not chicken wire. For large or giant bunnies minimum size set ups will need to be bigger than above.

Before buying any set ups you can, if you wish, check the suitability with us first. The more space they will have, the better for the rabbit’s health and happiness. Large and giant breed bunnies will need larger set ups.

We are here to help and support for the rest of the rabbit’s life.

If you would like to offer any of our rabbits a new home please call our Branch Manager Julia Tucker on 0161 286 2503 or email rspca.altrincham.cheshire@googlemail.com


Our gorgeous girls Orla and Eden are ready to find their forever home together.

Orla is the brown dwarf lop, we have guesstimated her age at approximately 3-4 years old.

Eden is the brown and white upeared girl, we have guesstimated her age at approximately 1-2 years old.

Orla and Eden came into our care in September 2019 via an rspca inspector. They were both very underweight when they arrived. They are now a healthy weight and are ready for their 'happy ever after'.


Orla and Eden are amazing hay eaters, they just demolish all that is put in with them. They also love their fresh veggies twice a day orla and Eden are great with their litter training too.

Orla is slightly the more shy one of the pair. They are both quite reserved bunnies until they feel safe and secure but once they trust you and their surroundings they are sweet gentle friendly playful girls.

After doing really well and putting on a healthy amount of weight, Orla lost a large amount of weight in January. Investigations were done which showed dehydration, a mild liver infection and an inflamed gall bladder.


Orla and Eden

She received several weeks of treatment and starting putting the weight back on. She then started to lose weight again, more tests were done which showed her gall bladder and liver had healed but she now had a compacted ceacum, after some fluid therapy at the vets and a week on gut meds her weight has increased and has now settled at just over 2kgs.

She has been stable and happy for the past few weeks so is now ready to find her forever home with her mate Eden.

Orla and Eden

Eden just loves space to run and binky! She jumps so high in the air and zooms around the garden at top speed!

Orla loves to run too with her ears flapping in the air! Eden just loves to dig! She is a master at it! She burrows super quickly and is so meticulous all the soil is pushed out perfectly! They definitely need supervised access to the garden and can't be left for a minute!

Orla and Eden have both been neutered, they're fully vaccinated against myxomatosis vhd1 and vhd2 and are both microchipped. They are looking for their forever home together.


Meet our handsome boy Freddo the French lop. Freddo is now 11 months old (Dob 17.5.19) He has been neutered, microchipped and is fully vaccinated against myxomatosis vhd1 and vhd2.

Freddo is a lovely friendly boy. His best friend is the resident dog in his foster home! They often play tug of war with spring greens and pinch other veggies off each other! Freddo rubs his chin all over Gypsy 'claiming' her and nuzzles his face into her fur.

Freddo sadly broke his hind leg, he was operated on and had an exofix pin to fix and stabilise his nasty break. He had a long 10 weeks of rest and recovery before his exofix was removed just before Christmas.  His leg has healed well.

Freddo is loving his freedom after his cage rest and binkies around the garden at any given opportunity. Freddo is a fabulous hay eater and loves his fresh veggies. Freddo is brilliantly litter trained, he would make a wonderful house rabbit. As Freddo has had a broken leg he may be more predisposed to arthritis in that leg in the future.

As Freddo is a giant bunny he will need a larger than normal space, a traditional hutch and run set up would not be suitable for him.

Freddo is looking for an experienced bunny savvy new family. He isn't aggressive at all but he does box and lunge at you, he always has done. He can be abit stroppy especially around food time, he gets impatient and frustrated waiting for his greens!!

We would love Freddo to have bunny company but he will need a very slow bond with his potential bun wife! He will need a chilled out laid back girl who won't be put off by him lunging at her.

Freddo could be rehomed as a single free range house rabbit. He would be better in a home without young children.

Freddo can be quite stressed by change so time patience and reassurance will be needed to help him settle in and bond with his new family.

How handsome is our Brian!? Brian is a young adult male lion head bunny with an amazing mane!

Brian has had a sad (and sadly not uncommon) past, he has been passed around from home to home living in a small indoor cage, he ended up being advertised for sale on a selling site as a very frustrated unhappy entire male needing a new home, that is when Brian found his way into our care.

Brian has been in our care since early January 2020. He was a very angry frustrated unhappy boy when he first arrived. He very quickly realised he had finally begun the happy life all rabbits should live! He literally spent all day every day binkying around his spacious run making full use and enjoying his new found freedom.

It was VERY clear Brian was very ready to be castrated! Brian was castrated 8.1.20 and it has taken him a good few weeks for his hormones to settle. Usually we say males will be ready to bond at least 6 weeks post castration, with Brian we have given him 3 months for those hormones to settle! Brian is now ready to find his forever home where he will be bonded with a neutered female rabbit who will be happy with Brian being the boss and will "put up with" his advances!

Brian is an amazing rabbit! He is looking for a home where he will have LOTS of space. A traditional hutch and run wouldn't be ideal for Brian, he is looking for a shed and run style set up where he can have lots of toys and enrichment to keep him occupied. He is a very intelligent rabbit and would love puzzles to work out and activities to do! He loves destroying cardboard boxes and chucking his toys around, just generally keeping his mind busy at all times!

Brian is looking for a confident bunny savvy owner who can keep one step ahead of him! He is definitely not a rabbit suitable to be rehomed as a child's pet, he is looking for an adult owner.

Brian has been health checked, neutered, fully vaccinated against myxomatosis vhd1 and vhd2 and is microchipped.

Meet our handsome boy Pedro. Pedro is a fluffy lionhead cross lop bunny aged approximately 9-10 months old (as of March 2020)

Pedro came into our care from a multi rabbit household where breeding had gotten out of control.

Pedro is just the fluffiest, the fur around his bottom does become matted if he isn't groomed regularly so his new owner must be willing to dedicate time each day to grooming and trimming him. Living as a house rabbit would make this so much easier.

Pedro is a brilliant hay eater, he loves his fresh veggies and plenty of toys and sticks to chew and play with. He is getting there with his litter training, most wees are done in the tray!

Pedro has been neutered fully vaccinated against myxomatosis vhd1 and vhd2 and is microchipped. He is looking to be bonded with a neutered female rabbit.

Meet the very handsome Leo.

Leo is a medium sized male lionhead approximately 1-2 years old.

Leo came into our care via another Rspca branch. Leo's little white front paws are just the cutest! Being a fluffy lionhead Leo will need regular grooming in his new home.

Leo is brilliantly litter trained. He can be a little shy initially but once he knows you he is a real sweetheart. Leo loves fresh hay and readigrass aswell as his daily veg, especially kale!

Leo is currently living as a house rabbit. He has been in our care since July 2019. He has had a couple of illnesses whilst in our care, he had a liver infection which required a long course of antibiotics, he then suffered from an inner ear infection which was treated again with a long course if antibiotics.

He has now been given a clean bill of health from our exotics vet and is now ready to find his forever home.

Leo has been neutered, he is fully vaccinated against myxomatosis vhd1 and vhd2 and he is microchipped. Leo is looking to be bonded with a neutered female rabbit. He would be best suited to a home as a house bunny as he is so fluffy.



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