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Here are our cats & kittens that are ready for rehoming. This webpage is updated regularly.

We are always happy to give help and advice about re-homing an animal.

Our adoption fees for adult cats are £60 and kittens up to 6 months old are £70. The cost includes neutering, vaccination against Feline Infectious Enteritis and Influenza, micro-chipping. Additional donations are greatly appreciated to help us to continue with our work. 

If you would like to offer any of our cats a new home please call our Branch Manager Julia Tucker on 0161 286 2503 or email rspca.altrincham.cheshire@googlemail.com

The next step is to arrange for the whole family to come and meet the cat. It’s best for everyone from the household to meet the cat to rule out allergies or other issues.

We will then arrange to visit your home to discuss your new cat with you and answer any further questions you may have about rehoming .

During the home visit, we can ensure the home is suitable and advise on preparing your home and garden, removing potential dangers, and buying food, bedding, and toys.

We aim to carry out home visits within a week of the animal being reserved.

Trixie is the mum to the litter of 5 kittens. When she was first found, she was a little untrusting and took a while to come of her shell. Now she is showing how much of an affectionate cat she really is.

She loves nothing more than to curl up on your bed at night. Trixie is looking for her forever home to be shown that she will be loved to her hearts content. Trixie is used to children, dogs and other cats.


Fidget and Twinkle

Brother and sister Fidget (Blue collar) and Twinkle (white collar) would like a forever home together, fidgets is the biggest of the little and twinkle the smallest but they love nothing better than to play and explore their surroundings together, they love one another’s company and will curl up to one another to snuggle up to sleep. Both kittens are very affectionate, Fidget loves to lie on his back on your knee and have his tummy and paws rubbed, where twinkle just likes to be cuddled like a baby. Fidget and twinkle are use to children, dogs and older cats.

Blaze, Fidget and Twinkle

Blaze (Orange collar) is a confidant little lad who loves nothing more than to explore his surroundings, getting into mischief with his siblings. His favourite place to surprise his sibling is from the dinning chair. When he not on the hunt to play, blaze is every affectionate and will come for a cuddle. Blaze is use to children, dogs and older cats.


Storm (yellow collar) is looking for her forever home. She’s a little adventurer, in exploring her surroundings and a bit of a boss with her siblings. After playing with her favourite toy mouse, she loves to snuggle on your knee and have a good fuss. Maple is use to children, dogs and older cats.

Maple (Pink collar) is the quieter and laid back little girl form the litter, while her brothers and sisters are up playing, maple just loves to be fussed or have a lie in. Maple is use to children, dogs and older cats.

Coco and Muffin are brothers aged around 9 weeks old. Muffin is grey and white and Coco is white and brown. 
The kittens love each other company so would like to find a new home together. They are playful kittens and will be neutered, vaccinated, and microchipped before rehoming.

Coco and Muffin
Coco and Muffin

Buster is a large black male about 18 months old, who came to us from a multi cat household and we think that Belle is his daughter.

He is initially a little shy but when he gets to know you he is very affectionate and loving.

Buster is now looking for a forever home and he has been neutered, microchipped and vaccinated.

Belle is a black female cat between 5-6 months old. She came from the same household as Buster, who we think is her dad.

She is a little shy but very loving and friendly when gets to know you. 

Belle is now looking for a forever home and has been spayed, microchipped and vaccinated.

This is Herbie, he is 8 weeks old and is looking for his forever home. He was found abandoned with his sister in a terrible state, sadly his sister didn't make it.

Herbie is a wonderful little boy who loves to play and snuggle on your lap to sleep. He is used to other cats and is looking for a home where he is not left for long periods alone.

If you would like to give Herbie a loving home please get in touch with us.

Prue and Tilly are two sisters aged about 14 weeks. Prue has the white flash on her forehead. They are both adorable, confident characters who enjoy playing with their toys, getting into mischief and cuddling up on us purring loudly. They spend time playfighting and grooming each other, as well as having a sleep together several times a day. They live with a large dog who they are very fond of.
They are both neutered and microchipped and will soon have their second vaccinations.

Prue and Tilly
Prue and Tilly

Macy and Gracie are 10 week old, tortoiseshell kittens.  They are beautiful girls looking to be rehomed together.  Both kittens are playful and cuddly, enjoy lots of attention, are fine with children and get on well with the fosterers own cat.  If you would like to meet these two lovely girls then please contact Julia on 0161 286 2503.


Trixie is a 1 year female black and white longhaired cat.

She came into our care abandoned with her litter of kittens who have now all found lovely new homes. Trixie is looking for a quiet home without young children where she can have a forever home. 

She loves being tickled under her chin and loves to play. She is such a lovely cat.

Trixie will be spayed, vaccinated and microchipped.


This beautiful girl is around 18 months old. She came into our care after her owners moved house and couldn’t take her with them.

Stardust is really friendly, sociable and loves to be fussed. She purrs really loudly to show you just how happy she is. She was used to going out at her previous home so would like a nice garden that she can spend time exploring.

Stardust would prefer to be the only cat in the household so that she can have your undivided attention! She has been neutered, micro-chipped and vaccinated.


Annie is a three year old, tabby and white female cat. 

She recently gave birth to a litter of three kittens and has been a lovely mum to her babies.  She even began feeding and looking after a single kitten that wasn’t her own but which had been found alone in the world and luckily, was then accepted into Annie’s family.

Annie is a friendly and sociable cat who has had an interesting but not always easy life, finding herself homeless with three kittens.  She has big, beautiful almond shaped eyes, very soulful and slightly tatty ears. 

She has been extremely protective of her babies and watched and talked to them constantly, if she was at all worried about them straying from her.

Meet our special boy Willis, who's had a tough time and really deserves a perfect forever home for him and his fabulous moustache!

Willis is about 4 years old, and was abandoned by his original owner, left outside to fend for himself. A kind neighbour looked after him on a local allotment for a while but then they too had to move away, and Willis yet again found himself left behind.

He came into RSPCA foster care a few months ago, and now he's had a chance to settle and see that the world isn't such a scary place, he's ready to start thinking about his next (and hopefully forever!) home.

Understandably he's a bit wary of people after so much upheaval, but he's a sweet little character once you get to know him, and he wants nothing more than a comfy spot on your bed so can snuggle up next to you at night, plenty of his favourite Whiskas food, and a little chin tickle from time to time.

His absolute favourite things are ham and catnip, and he loves a good roll around with his toys! Willis would like to be the only pet in the household, and would prefer a quiet home without young children, somewhere where he can build his confidence gradually. We hope he'll want to start going outside eventually, and as he is easily spooked he would like somewhere with a nice safe garden he can explore without the risk of running into danger by accident.
Willis has been neutered, vaccinated and microchipped, and can't wait to finally find the place he belongs, so if you think that could be with you please get in touch.

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