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Here are our cats & kittens that are ready for rehoming. This webpage is updated regularly.

All our animals who are ready for adoption are also shown on the National RSPCA “Find a Pet” website, where they have lots of free online help and support, if you are considering adopting a pet or have just taken a new animal into your home. We are always happy to give help and advice about re-homing an animal.


Our adoption fees for adult cats are £60 and kittens up to 6 months old are £70. The cost includes neutering, vaccination against Feline Infectious Enteritis and Influenza, micro-chipping. Additional donations are greatly appreciated to help us to continue with our work. 

The next step is to arrange for the whole family to come and meet the cat. It’s best for everyone from the household to meet the cat to rule out allergies or other issues.

We will then arrange to visit your home to discuss your new cat with you and answer any further questions you may have about rehoming .

During the home visit, we can ensure the home is suitable and advise on preparing your home and garden, removing potential dangers, and buying food, bedding, and toys.

We aim to carry out home visits within a week of the animal being reserved.

If you would like to offer one of our cats a new home and you would like to arrange to meet them, please call our Branch Manager Julia Tucker on 0161-286-2503 or email rspca.altrincham.cheshire@googlemail.com


This is Flash and Bueno both siblings love to play and cuddle each other, they both have amazing personality’s both totally different with how they walk through life.

Bueno is the perfect little girl to play with, she loves anything that moves whether it’s a feather or a coin.

Flash is the more chilled out of the pair but by the time breakfast comes he’s a very noisey little man, doesn’t let you do anything without him.

When it comes to the both of them they’re inseparable, where one goes the other follows and if they can’t find each other they will surely make sure you can hear them.

These two would be the perfect two for a family including other cats and also dogs.

Flash and Bueno
Flash and Bueno

Chadwick is a handsome male kitten around 16 weeks old.  He is such a friendly little kitten who loves human company and cuddles.  If you could offer Chadwick a home where he will receive lots of fuss and attention then please contact Julia on 0161 286 2503

Ned and Daisy are 11 week old brother and sister. 

Both kittens are very friendly and playful. Daisy is a black and white female and purrs loudly. Ned, her brother, is very playful and likes affection.

These kittens are available to be rehomed on their own or as a pair. 

Ned and Daisy
Ned and Daisy

Meet Mum Iris and her 2 kittens Dottie and Dixie.

Iris is around 1year old female black and white she is quite skittish so would need a very patient home who has time to settle her in. They will all be neutered, vaccinated and microchipped before rehoming

Dottie and Dixie are now around 12 weeks old and lovely friendly kittens. They both love their toys and treats. Iris and Dixie are particularly close so it would be lovely if they could be rehomed together.
George and Mildred are 1 year old brother and sister looking for an outdoor home together.

They came from a multi cat household where they weren't handled so they are not your typical lap cats but will be happy living outdoors with a good supply of food.

Meet Daphne and Dani. This stunning mother daughter pair are inseparable. 

Daphne is a beautiful black female cat around 5 years old. Daphne dotes on her daughter Dani so we would like to rehome them together.

Daphne is a lovely cat who enjoys a fuss. She will greet you with a big meow and chirp for a stroke. She especially loves her food! She is pretty laid back and enjoys napping most of the day in-between eating and cuddles. 

Dani is a beautiful little kitten. She can be a little shy at first but once she trust she will be your best friend. She loves to play and chase anything with feathers! Dani is very close to her mum and would like to be rehomed with her. Dani loves to run up the cat post and chase her toys. 

They would be suited to a home without other cats or dogs. Can be rehomed with older children. Both are neutered, vaccinated and microchipped.

Daphne and Dani
Daphne and Dani
Daphne and Dani

Mia (ginger) and May (tortoise shell) are two sisters, thought to be about 9-11 months old and are both neutered and microchipped. They were dumped on a farm as kittens and are a bit hand-shy.

Since they arrived in their foster home they have come a long way already and will comfortably play around you and with you. However, they still have to be coaxed into letting you stroke them. Mia is calmer and more independent whilst May can't be without her sister for too long or she will go searching for her. They both love chasing balls, playing with each other and to rip paper balls apart.

Because they are so young they are very playful. They both use their litter tray perfectly and enjoy a fuss if you can trick them into it. With some patience and time they will surely become more confident and comfortable around people.

Mia and May are looking for a home together due to their close bond.

Mia and May

Jackson is looking for a home having come to us due to a change of circumstance for his previous owner. He is a very sweet and cuddly 6 year old who loves to go for a roam when he has a chance.

Jackson enjoys coming for a cuddle right before tea time just to let you know that if you feed him then that is definitely ok with him! He will work every trick in the book from chirping to giving head bumps and won’t rest until he gets some food!

Jackson loves going outside at his foster home and exploring the garden, we have no doubt that in his new home he will wander around once he has settled in. It is therefore essential that any potential home is well away from busy roads as he is very hard to spot in the dark being all black!

Jackson has had to be clipped in our care from his fur being in fairly poor condition with lots of knots in it. Any new home would have to be happy to keep on top of brushing Jackson regularly to prevent any further issues.

As Jackson is a real softie he would be fine in a home with other cats and children over the age of 10.

Sammy is a young white/black male cat around 18 months to 2 years.

Sammy is looking for an outdoor life ideally in a livery yard. He would not be suited to being an indoor cat. 

He has been neutered and flead/wormed.


Nina is a nine year old lady who likes to spend hours looking out of the window or sleeping. She has come on leaps and bounds whilst being fostered.

Nina likes her own space and will come to you for loves but it is all on her own terms.  Nina will have to live in a quiet home without children. Nina has no problem being left alone in the day. Give this little lady her forever home she really deserves it.



Charlie and Jill have come into the RSPCA care after their owner sadly passed away. Ideally they would be rehomed together as they have always lived together.

Jill is a lovely tortieshell cat, she is very confident and friendly settling into her foster home immediately.
She will come and sit with you and loves being stroked, purring away. She has lovely soft fur and likes her tummy rubbed. If you stop too soon she will reach out a paw to ask for more! She is sitting with me and purring as I write.

Jill is very chatty letting you know she wants something or just in appreciation. She would be great company for someone who is at home a lot. She is about 13 years old but is in good health with a little middle age spread!

Charlie is a very handsome Persian cat. He is various shades of grey and is a stunner with lovely green eyes.
Charlie is very shy, he has been with us for 10 days and is now starting to venture out more. He is more than happy for you to come and visit him in his little safe corner and have some fuss. He loves being chuckled under his chin and purrs, standing up so that you can reach him better.

He is a big saggy bagpuss not overweight just a big ball of fur! Charlie is 14.

He is very docile, I have picked him up everyday and each time he has stayed a little longer. He would need a quiet home with someone who has the patience to gradually gain his confidence.

Flower is a super friendly cat who had kittens when only a kitten herself. She now needs her kitten time and attention.

She is very active and full of character. She does not want to live with other cats but has lived alongside a calm old cat friendly dog. She is litter trained and comes vaccinated and neutered.

A little clip of Flower playing out in the garden.

  A new clip of Flower
A video of Flower

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