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Here are our cats & kittens that are ready for rehoming. This webpage is updated regularly.

All our animals who are ready for adoption are also shown on the National RSPCA “Find a Pet” website, where they have lots of free online help and support, if you are considering adopting a pet or have just taken a new animal into your home. We are always happy to give help and advice about re-homing an animal.

Cat care advice

Getting ready for your RSPCA rescue cat

Due to changes in the way we complete our VAT Return, as a result of VAT changes at RSPCA HQ, we are now required to clearly display any VAT in our Rehoming Fees and Rehoming Documentation.

Generally our rescue animals are free of VAT, but some which come to us for rehoming via the RSPCA Inspectorate may be liable to VAT.

In all cases, the rehoming fee will be as shown on our website and will include any VAT where applicable.

Adoption fees are non-refundable, except under exceptional circumstances at the Branch's discretion.

From 27th March 2023 our cat adoption fees will be £85 for a cat, £95 for a kitten and £60 for a cat over 12 years old. Any cats currently on reserve will be honoured at the original adoption fee.

The cost includes neutering, vaccination against Feline Infectious Enteritis and Influenza, micro-chipping. Additional donations are greatly appreciated to help us to continue with our work. 

The next step is to arrange for the whole family to come and meet the cat. It’s best for everyone from the household to meet the cat to rule out allergies or other issues.

We will then arrange to visit your home to discuss your new cat with you and answer any further questions you may have about rehoming .

During the home visit, we can ensure the home is suitable and advise on preparing your home and garden, removing potential dangers, and buying food, bedding, and toys.

We aim to carry out home visits within a week of the animal being reserved.

If you would like to offer one of our cats a new home and you would like to arrange to meet them, please call our Branch Manager Julia Tucker on 0161-286-2503 or email rspca.altrincham.cheshire@googlemail.com


Louis and Kobe

louis and kobe Louis (black and white) and Kobe (all black) are a bonded pair of super soft, friendly boys, both just over a year old. They are not brothers but have grown up together and would need to be homed as a pair.
This pair of little rascals are nearly 18 months old and looking for their forever home together. Although they are not brothers, they have been together since they were kittens so would like to stay together. They are very friendly boys who both like attention and fuss. They are typical energetic youngsters and love to play with their toys, play high speed chase up and down the stairs, and play-fight with each other! Both are big softies at heart, and when they eventually run out of energy love to settle down with their hoomans for a nice cosy nap. Kobie is the lap cat, and will quite happily snuggle up for as long as he can. They are very inquisitive and like to explore, so it would be nice for them to have a safe garden to play in at their new home, and have lots of adventures in the outside world. Both boys are neutered, micro-chipped and up to date with their vaccinations.

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louis and kobe - Image 1 louis and kobe - Image 2 louis and kobe - Image 3 louis and kobe - Image 3


Ella Spirited, bubbly, vibrant, lively and zestful ….. no, we’re not describing a sparkling wine, we’re talking about Ella! She would give Duracel long-life batteries a run for their money!
Dark tortie Ella’s around 10 to 12 months old and is full of life and character. She’s beautiful, and looking at her now it’s hard to imagine the circumstances and state she was found in. She’s very food focussed which is not surprising, however she’s gradually learning some manners now that she knows she’s being fed properly and regularly. Ella’s into everything and too inquisitive to settle on a lap at the moment, but is very comfortable being stroked and brushed, and will nudge your hand for a fuss. She’s a confident young lady and loves being entertained especially with a feather flicky stick. She’s extremely energetic and is quite an acrobat! She can get over enthusiastic, sometimes giving a playful nip on your hand if it gets in the way, she just gets so excited. Ella would benefit from a home without other cats, and as she’s at an age where she’s very curious, it would be good if someone was around for a good portion of the day. She’d like a human playmate, so a home with older, confident children who can entertain her to her heart’s content would be suitable. Eventually she’d enjoy being able to go outdoors, and would need a safe, enclosed garden away from busy roads.

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Ella - Image 1 Ella - Image 2 Ella - Image 3 Ella - Image 4


Daisy is about 2 years old, I have been in my foster home since just before I gave birth to my 5 beautiful kittens.
As my kittens are going to new homes it my turn to have a forever home as well. I am very friendly and love to chat and chat, did I tell you that I chat a lot. I love to play although not had much time for that with looking after my kittens. I am ok with children although a bit shy at first, I have no experience of other cats or dogs. I love my food, both wet and dry food. I have been neutered, vaccinated, flead and wormed and will be ready around the week commencing the 20th May.

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Tiggy - Image 1 tiggy - Image 2 Tiggy - Image 3

Maisie and John

Maisie and John are 8 weeks old and will be ready to be adopted in the next few weeks. They are playful bundles of fun, and have spent their first few weeks of life learning all the skills essential for happy lives as family pets. They love to explore and are getting braver each day with their climbing and jumping.
Maisie loves playing with her sibling and is getting braver around humans(she is easily won over by licky treats), They have been fostered with their lovely mum in a house with older children but have had smaller visitors and haven’t been fazed by this. All are litter trained, eat well and will be neutered, chipped, vaccinated, flea treated and wormed before going to their new homes.

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John - Image 2 Maisie - Image 4


Rose is a very special lady. She is affectionate, confident, gentle and laid back. She may have a little Bengal in her, with her spots and occasional vocal communication. She has been loved and cared for, this is clear, but unfortunately her owner got dementia and could no longer care for her.
Rose has been used to outdoor access but her hearing may not be as good as it once was. (we estimate she is around 8 years old) She would benefit from not being near a busy or main road. Rose does get on well with other cats but shes not so keen on dogs. Whoever gets the pleasure of being Rose's forever owner, will have themselves a quality lady and a great companion.

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Rose - Image 1 Rose - Image 2 Rose - Image 3 Rose - Image 4

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