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Here are our dogs that are ready for rehoming. This webpage is updated regularly.

All our animals who are ready for adoption are also shown on the National RSPCA “Find a Pet” website, where they have lots of free online help and support, if you are considering adopting a pet or have just taken a new animal into your home. We are always happy to give help and advice about re-homing an animal.

Dog care advice

Getting ready for your RSPCA rescue dog

Due to changes in the way we complete our VAT Return, as a result of VAT changes at RSPCA HQ, we are now required to clearly display any VAT in our Rehoming Fees and Rehoming Documentation.

Generally our rescue animals are free of VAT, but some which come to us for rehoming via the RSPCA Inspectorate may be liable to VAT.

In all cases, the rehoming fee will be as shown on our website and will include any VAT where applicable.

Adoption fees are non-refundable, except under exceptional circumstances at the Branch's discretion.

From 1st July 2023 our adoption fees will be £200 for adults dogs and £250 for puppies up to and including 6 months old. Any dogs currently on reserve will be honoured at the original adoption fee. The cost includes neutering, flea control treatment, vaccination against Kennel cough, micro-chipping.

Additional donations are greatly appreciated to help us to continue with our work.

The next step is to arrange for the whole family to come and meet the dog. It’s best for everyone from the household to meet the dog to rule out allergies or other issues.

We will then arrange to visit your home to discuss your new dog with you and answer any further questions you may have about rehoming. During the home visit, we can ensure the home is suitable and advise on preparing your home and garden, removing potential dangers, and buying food, bedding, and toys. We aim to carry out home visits within a week of the animal being reserved.

During the home visit, we are looking to see that:

You have a good understanding about the commitment involved in adopting your dog. 

The dog will not be left alone for more than 4-5 hours a day and will get a minimum of one 30 minute walk per day, all year round. 

The dog has a secure backyard or garden with fencing of a minimum of 6ft in height, although this may need to be higher depending on the size of the dog. 

That you are willing to take a dog to training classes/seek help if necessary.

If you would like to offer any of our dogs a new home please call our Branch Manager Julia Tucker on 0161 286 2503 or email rspca.altrincham.cheshire@googlemail.com



Luna is a 1 year old female Staffordshire Bull Terrier crossbreed . She is medium size and more leggy than a regular Staffie.
Luna can be a little nervous with strangers and when she is in a new environment . It doesn't take long however for her to come out of her shell and at heart she is a friendly and affectionate girl who loves fuss. Luna is a very young dog and through no fault of her own has already had quite a few changes in her life already . She could really do with some consistency and stability going forward and would benefit from additional positive reward based training . She can be excitable and will jump up . She walks quite well on the lead but sometimes can be a little stubborn . She can get excited when coming across other dogs on walks, wanting to get to them . We feel it would be better for Luna to go to a home where she will have company for the majority of time as she is still young and hasn't had the most settled start . She might need a little help with housetraining . Luna could possibly live with older children , aged 10 and above . We think she is better suited being an only dog. She did live with cats previously but was reported to chase them so a cat free home is for the best as well .

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Luna - Image 1 Luna - Image 2 Luna - Image 3 Luna - Image 3


Roxy is a 2 year old female Akita who came into our care from the inspectors . She is on the smaller side for an Akita and initially was very underweight . She has gained weight since being in RSPCA care and is looking healthier.
Roxy is a very friendly , happy and confident dog .Nothing seems to faze her and she appears to take most things in her stride . She is very calm in her kennel . She is always well behaved on walks and has come across many other dogs and greeted them all politely . She is manageable to walk but being a bigger dog , when she does pull she can be quite strong . Whoever adopts her will need to be physically able to exercise her . She could be rehomed with older children and possibly could live with another dog if introductions are successful .

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Roxy - Image 1 Roxy - Image 2 Roxy - Image 3 Roxy - Image 3

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