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"Happy Tails " - Rehoming Stories

So John and I decided we would like to have a rescue dog, we were a little scared as we had never had a rescue dog before. We had been dog owners in the past, having the pleasure of two Staffies over a period of 14 years. We set up alerts from the RSPCA  facebook page.

We knew we wanted a Staffie as they have such bad press and they are a truly wonderful breed.
Well, a few weeks after we set up the alert Lesley posted a picture of Chase on the RSPCA facebook page with a description of the little scamp and we completely fell in love with him. There was a contact number for Lesley and we phoned straight away and made arrangements to meet Chase and Lesley at the Boarding kennels where he was being temporarily homed. 

We drove 240 miles to meet the little pup who was 11 months old at the time and we were greeted with such love (and the odd little excitement pee). We took him for a walk and knew straight away he was meant to be a part of our family. We made arrangements with Lesley for our home and for us to be inspected and, once the RSPCA was satisfied that we could offer him a safe and loving home, we made the trip to collect him. 

Chase had allergies when he first joined us so the 6 weeks free insurance came in handy and we were able to establish what he was allergic to and simply avoid it.  He now glows with health.

That was one year ago....Chase is everything we hoped he would be and more...we are his third (and final) home and he is such a happy dog and adored by us all including our three grandchildren.  We get lots of cuddles and he is a real personality. He is completely house trained, loving and adores playing with other dogs in the park especially his best friend Casper.

Our thanks to Lesley Hung at the RSPCA and Sophie at the Boarding Kennels for their wonderful support.







Just thought you might be interested in how Bear and Rain are doing so here I am with an update.

We picked them up on Friday afternoon and they travelled relatively well. They took a while to fully come out of the carrier when back at home but once they started to settle they were soon exploring every inch of their new home. Bear is definitely the more confident of the two, with him checking everything out first before Rain would follow.

They have settled in amazingly, behaving like absolute gold and even allowing some slight petting at times.

They're very shy but also very curious so will come up to sniff you when you enter the pen. We've seen some binkeys and many a relaxed laying positions. Bear's even done a couple of full out flops which is absolutely adorable.

They love the tunnel and their wooden sticks and really enjoy playing with their toys. I am very happy with how well they're fitting in.

Bear and Rain

Bear and Rain

Bear and Rain

Bear and Rain

Bear and Rain

Bear and Rain

Here is Ice, now called Luna, very happily bonded with her new husbun Fergus.


We are having a wonderful time with Fritz who is settling in really well.  He goes out around 4 times a day for two good walks and two small walks which are more like gallops!  He has met lots of people with dogs whilst out walking and is very dog friendly and does not bark at the owners.  He loves travelling in the car and has his own safety harness in the front.  He sits there like a little person!  

He is eating well and we think he has put on some weight.  He never marked the house and he is fully house trained!  He loves his biscuit and hide bones and has about three hidden in every room which have to change places every night and morning!   We always find one in our bed!  He loves to play with anything he can find; shoes and socks, underwear and soft cardboard boxes he can rip up.  His favourite place is the bay window in the bedroom where he has a good view of people walking past with dogs!  

We believe Fritz is growing in confidence.  We have not left him at all yet, but we will try in the near future, but not for long!  We think he now believes this is his forever home because he now barks at the Postman and anyone who comes to the door.

We feel so lucky to have him, he is such a loving, affectionate, happy dog, intelligent too, with aristocratic looks! He definitely is the one for us!



Wilson, previously known as Pepe, is looking forward to his first Christmas with us.

He is a lovely boy, cheeky in a nice way as his confidence is growing (he likes to take sticks out of the stick basket, and throw the cushions on the floor, he also sits on the coffee table, he is very funny and makes us laugh.

He has found his forever partner in little Nutmeg (Meggie).




Our mother and daughter pair of Degus Rosie and Tiger have successfully bonded with the existing pair of female degus in their new home. Here they are all enjoying their time together in their wonderful set up!

Kia has been with us for just over 12 weeks now and to say she has settled in well would be an understatement. It's like she's always been here. 

We were told she was badly abused and left for long periods but she has left that all behind and loves everybody she meets; standing up on her back legs with front paws held high in what we call her 'superman' pose she charms everyone she meets.   

She adores her big brother Flint and they are partners in crime when a cat is spotted! Luckily they've managed to outrun the pair so far... She has made lots of friends on the local fields, including a young lurcher called Skye who chases her round and round. 

Kia loves her toys and has so far gone through about 5 tug toys!!! Craig calls her 'lady woo woo' on account of the noise she makes when she wants us or Flint to play! Another characteristic is she has rather a lot to say for herself! 


Kia has brought a lot of laughs and happiness into our household after a difficult year, and we thank God the Rspca were able to give her a second chance. 


Just to say what a happy, fun-filled girl the worried-looking little dog on your website really is. She settled in with us very quickly and soon regained her confidence, playfulness and sense of mischief. That said, she's perfectly behaved around the house - a real lady, in fact - and would never dream of begging at the table. She's very loving and loyal, and as I work from home, it's great having my little mate keeping me company, lying on my feet as I type.

 She's extremely sociable and friendly... and everyone she meets loves her. She loves long muddy walks in Delamere Forest, chasing rabbits, hosepipe fights and chicken dinners. She also has a Jack Russell boyfriend called George.

She's still not very happy about cars... but we're working on that one. Living in a village suits her perfectly as we can largely avoid them if we want. She's only been with us a few weeks but she really feels like she belongs here - and we can't imagine life without her.



I just wanted to give you a quick update on how life has been for Thor since we adopted him on 10.10.15! Please see some photos below...

He settled in well and got used to his new routine quite quickly! His behaviour is excellent and is improving even more over time (even my husband who had to be 'persuaded' to get a dog remarks on how well behaved he is!)

My daughter Izzy and I started taking him to obedience classes last month and he is starting to show up the dogs who have been attending for longer than him! He has lost his extra weight as he goes on 2 big walks each day and will run after his ball until he is on the verge of collapsing!  


Thor is still a little nervous on occasion but his confidence has grown immensely - (he found the sea to be quite scary when he first saw it!) and he now mixes with other dogs quite happily and has a few doggy friends that he sees in the park on a regular basis!

He is a happy chappy and well loved by myself, my daughter and even my husband!! :)

Many thanks for all your help as Thor is a fabulous addition to our family!



Here is a pic of Cookie after being in his new home for about 10 minutes!  I think he's going to like it!

Piper in her new home

Dotti and Basil have definitely bonded! So lovely to see! Dotti is back to her old self now she has another companion. Thank you very much! X (2)

Dotti and Basil

This is Happy, now Bumble Bee in her new home with her new husbun Opti. They're getting on brilliantly and becoming great friends just look at them chilling out together!

Max is absolutely adorable!  No food guarding, is biddable, loves to walk and the beach, is funny with his toys, is quiet - only barks to answer neighbours' dogs.

Can't fault him.  Very easy to groom.  If I do tug he will very gently put his mouth over my hand and look at me with big googly eyes.  

No problems greeting other dogs and people so long as other dogs don't sniff him tooo much.

He can be touched all over and will cuddle. I've had a few dogs and he is the best!  None of my other dogs would allow front legs and especially armpits to be attended to.  

So here's to many happy years with him!  We will be going camper-van soon and fingers crossed he will like that.




My beautiful girl Sheba has made our family complete.

So kind natured and lovely it's hard to imagine anyone could mistreat this lovely lady!

I was always wary of adopting a bull breed but after seeing her beautiful smile and placid nature I just knew she was the one for us! We are so lucky to have found her. Great with children and actually scared of the cat ha ha!

She's just amazing! We all love her soooo much!! Thank you xx






Heres a nice update on 2 of our rats recently rehomed:

Just a note to let you know that Alice and Amy have settled in really well! They're so friendly and love coming out of their cage, it's great. :)

Here are a couple of photos of India from her new owners.

She has settled in beautifully to her new home and they are absolutely delighted with her. Their home is alive again with a new dog around!

 She is gaining in confidence all the time, as she has gone to an extremely loving and caring home. 


Fudge came in on the 14th January. He was 12 weeks old but due to his bad start was stunted, skinny, suffering with severe infections in both eyes and was full of worms and fleas. He was afraid of people and very scared.

8 weeks later in foster care fudge has tripled in size and weight!

He is now healthy, fun, happy, fully vaccinated, neutered and after only 8 short weeks is in a furrever home!



We adopted Rossi from his foster home at the end of August 2013, he was previously known as Tiger.

He is such a lovely kitten, mischievous and full of fun but also very loving and affectionate and never stops purring!

He is now 6 months old and growing into a very handsome boy.



" Mickey (now Rocky) was adopted from us in April and here are some of the photo's of him enjoying his new life with his new family. "

" Here's a photo of Donnie, was Socks who I adopted in April he's still enjoying chewing everything but is a very sweet loving kitten too!"

" Here's a picture of Sophia who I adopted this spring, looking very settled in her favourite spot at the top of the stairs I can't imagine life without her now! "

" Heres a pic of Tom and Tilly (now Leo and Leila) that we adopted from one of your foster carers in northwich. Both have settled in really well after only 2 days and love going to sleep on our laps or snuggled up next to each other."

" Here are a few pictures and little note to say how well our dog Dillan is doing since we re-homed him at the beginning of June!

It's safe to say all he wanted was a good cuddle and a comfy bed! If he isn't curled up asleep on you knee he is curled up at your feet!

His (newly discovered) favorite game is playing with his tennis ball on the park!... "







" This is Bob who you kindly let us re-home two years ago. He's so happy running around in the garden, and cuddling up on the bed at night. Thanks so much for letting us have him. Love. Ian and Marlene. "

" Our foster puppies come permanent fixture. We've had Dexter & Mitch for 2 months now and they are almost twice the size! Thanks to the team at Altrincham & Cheshire for our new family members "

" Lenny and Lulu (now Tiger and Lily) in their new home "


" Felix in his forever home. No plans on leaving soon!"

" Harley and Jemima settled happily "

" Harley settled into his new home "

" Peggy (was Willow) in her new forever home "

"Peggy (formerly Willow) with two of her three new siblings. We think black cats rock. "

" We'd be delighted for Onyx and Cocoa to feature in your cat tails. We love them to bits but they are hard work. Anybody seeing them now would not believe how far they've travelled from streaking behind the washer to tolerating and almost enjoying being with humans.

 Cocoa likes window sills and sleeping in his tunnel, Onyx likes sleeping in the fruit bowl on the sideboard, in a basket by the sink in the utility or with Cocoa in his tunnel.

 Onyx is desperate to come onto my lap. When I feed her treats we do a lot of nuzzling but she has a built in alarm that kicks in at the last minute.Cocoa is more amenable but cautious.


 Both come together for their meals. They climb all over me for treats and Cocoa lets me stroke him then. Onyx is addicted to anything with catnip on - also she's fascinated by my cleaning out the litter trays and supervises the whole process from right up close. She also plays with me batting a ball inside a tunnel back and forth and will do that for fairly long stretches.

 They're still house cats and we don't intend to let them out yet. We've opened up the upstairs to them but they've not shown any great desire to explore there.

 They love their routines - food must be delivered on time, am and pm with a long afternoon nap and most activity in the evening. The conservatory has been wonderful - they love it - it's outside whilst being inside."

"Milly (was Pip) taking it easy in the heat."

"We just adopted Hafu (was Dottie) today and already she's so well settled in Loving having her here!"

"I have had Lulu who I adopted from you on 16th June 2013 for two weeks now and she has settled in perfectly - her and my older cat Henry are firm friends - she is an absolute delight and a very much loved member of my family."

" Thought you might like an update from Moomoo, aka Scarlett, who we adopted from you 2yrs ago - she's a wonderful addition to our home and we wouldn't be without her! :) "


Another picture of Moomoo.

"Just a little update to let you know how "Roxy" now "Sunday" is getting on.

Its 4months since my parents adopted her and she has settled wonderfully. She is most definitely the boss of the house and she enjoys nothing more than sitting under the trees watching the birds as they fly into the conifers.

She now meows and purrs which she never did before and she likes a lot of love and attention. She has claimed the conservatory and if she wants to sit on the seat you are sitting in then she literally pushes you out!

She is greatly loved and is certainly landed on her feet!"

Here is another picture of Sunday, relaxing in a chair.



"I just wanted to write to you with an update on our darling rabbits Peabody and Emerson (formerly Marley and Max), who we adopted in February this year.  They settled in very quickly to their new home and although they are only small bunnies they have been keen to show up that they both have huge personalities!  Both of them are very friendly and we have been delighted to welcome them into our lives. 

Emerson is a very outgoing and curious bunny - he loves to explore new territory and to investigate new people, especially if they have treats.  Peabody is still a shy and cautious bunny, but has come on leaps and bounds - she finds nothing more exciting than a pile of fresh hay and loves to show off by tossing toys around. 

We have been thrilled to witness frequent displays of binkies, flops, and nudges from the two of them and look forward to many more in the years to come.
Thank you to everyone at the RSPCA and the family that fostered them for all of the support you gave us before and after the adoption."

Alison and Ian

"P.S.  I've attached a photo of Emerson showing just exactly how truly relaxed he can be when napping in the sun and one of Peabody just after waking up!"


" It`s now 12 months since we adopted Timmy and Bertie via the Cat Adoption website so I just thought I would give you an update. I`ve attached a couple of pics, they like curling-up together in their cat-bed - when they`re not battling or running about the house !  Timmy buried himself right under our black-lab`s paws.

Bertie still runs-off and hides away if the doorbell rings or a stranger is present, I don`t think that will ever change. But he soon comes out again and other than that he really is a baby-boy and likes lots of attention."

"Timmy is the master of the house and is into everything, he`s just supremely confident and always sticks his nose into things. If there`s any food about they work as a tag-team, you need eyes in the back of your head.

They are both inseparable and have very quickly settled into a far better environment than their early life."

"Tessie (formerly Tilley) was adopted by our family in May 2012. She fitted in immediately and we all grew to love her relaxed and outgoing nature. She loves the outdoors and is extremely playful. She enjoys chasing and jumping on our other cat Speckles (much to Speckles annoyance at times!)
We love her dearly and she has become a very important and irreplaceable member of our family !!

Lesley, Andrew, Lucy and Ben Tattersall

"We adopted Gino in June 2010 when he was 7 months old and knew straight away that he was the dog for us!

He’s now a full member of the family – in fact, the leader of the house – loved by all who meet him.
Gino loves to play with his kong toys and these are the only ones that he doesn’t destroy within seconds of getting his paws on them.

...He’s a lively, happy and loving pet with an infectious personality and we’d be totally lost without him!"

The Brennans, Hazel Grove.

Here are a couple of photos of Monty looking very grand and happy. He is a lovely cat, and such good company. Here's a bit about him.

“ As I have been travelling with work, I'd not had a cat for five years, but I'm now directing a tv series for at least two years so I got in touch with the RSPCA and through a great foster couple I met the wonderful Monty. I nearly lost him as he had, understand...ably, made a huge impact with his fosterers. He was in great condition and calm.

I knew little of his history but he settled in with me and is now running the house. I don't think he'd had much experience of gardens but is now climbing trees and rolling in the grass, pouncing on every insect or blowing leaf. He is fantastic company, and a shadow where ever I go - and it has to be said, he is King of the head butts!

Thanks so much RSPCA, and for making adopting him so easy. As befits a rather grand cat now living in a house full of opera, his has grown from Monty to Monteverdi.

And here's a small world....one of the animators from the series I am directing just went to Tokyo and to an animation studio there – where they happened to be sat next to Alex, Monty's foster mum. In Tokyo! “


This is Monty our Yorkshire Terrier we adopted from you in August 2011, he is 6 years old and he was with foster carers in Partington (Ken & Christine), he's a lovely little dog and he is a wonderful addition to our family of 3 horses and a dog. Our other dog Sacha took to him straight away, Sacha is 12 and I've had her for nearly 12 years she came from the Staff Rescue.

Monty sleeps on the window sill in this basket looking out onto the wonderful Peak District countryside, he loves going for long walks but doesn’t like getting wet !! xx


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