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Here are the small furries, reptiles, rodents and birds that don't fit into any other category, but they still need a loving new home. This webpage is updated regularly.

All our animals who are ready for adoption are also shown on the National RSPCA “Find a Pet” website, where they have lots of free online help and support, if you are considering adopting a pet or have just taken a new animal into your home. We are always happy to give help and advice about re-homing an animal.


If you would like to offer any of our animals a new home please call our Branch Manager Julia Tucker on 0161 286 2503 or email rspca.altrincham.cheshire@googlemail.com


Ginger and Maple are wonderfully gentle, inquisitive girls who are approximately two years old.

They very much want to be involved in family life - watching and ideally taking part! - so will flourish in a home where they are fully included in everything that’s going on.

They love their food and will grab it if offered through the bars of the cage, but take everything gently from your hands. They also love a bit of a puzzle - food hidden in cardboard for example.

They’ve experienced a fair bit of change, so could definitely do with their forever home now. They’ll make a fabulous addition to a family with a bit of time to dote on them.

Ginger and Maple
Ginger and Maple

The very cute Pj and Duncan are now ready to find their forever home together.

Pj and Duncan are male dwarf hamsters.

Pj and Duncan came into our care via an rspca inspector after they were found abandoned in a small cage.

Pj and Duncan are inquisitive boys but can be abit nippy when handled. They are fab to watch them play though.
They would like a spacious cage with lots of enrichment.
Minimum cage size 80cmx50cm


This lovely little lady is Buzz. Buzz is a young female dwarf hamster.  She came into our care as an unwanted child's pet.

Buzz isn't used to regular handling but with time could get used to it.

She is a very busy little girl and would love lots of enrichment in her new home. Minimum cage size 60cmx40cm

Meet the lovely Kiwi. Kiwi is a Monk parakeet also know as a Quaker parrot.

Kiwi came into our care as a stray so sadly we have no history on him.

Kiwi is a little character and is super chatty. He enjoys a fuss and a stroke from his foster mum. Kiwi loves the freedom to fly as all birds should.

Kiwi is looking for a home in a spacious avairy NOT a cage.

Kiwi would like the company of other birds ideally other parakeets a similar size.


Meet our adorable Arnold.

Arnold is a castrated male guinea pig approximately a year old.

Arnold came into our care via an rspca inspector from a multi guinea pig household. Arnold has been health checked by an exotics specialist vet.

Arnold is a typical guinea pig in that he has quiet a shy nature until it's fresh veggies time! He hears the bag rustling, runs out from his hide, grabs the food he wants and returns back to the safety of his hide. He is slowly becoming more confident in his foster home.

Arnold is looking for a home where he will be bonded with a female or group of female guinea pigs.


Introducing Honey & Precious, two gorgeous bonded guinea pig girls who came into our care via the inspectorate from a multi animal household. 

Honey (brown) is the smaller and the more confident of the pair, whereas Precious (tricolour) is much bigger but happy to let Honey lead the way, and she will stay in her hide until she's reassured it's ok to come out.

The exception to this is when the F word is mentioned (and yes, we mean Food!) and they both become the most vocal and excitable girls - the wheeking and running starts the minute they can hear footsteps coming near, whether those hands are bringing food or not! 

Honey and Precious are looking for a home together where they will have plenty of space (minimum 5ftx3ft or 6ftx2ft with access to a large run daily) and can gradually grow in confidence.

Honey & Precious
Honey & Precious
Honey & Precious
Honey & Precious
Honey & Precious

We have LOTS of little dwarf hamsters now available for adoption!! We have:
* two single females
* a pair of females
* a pair of males
* a trio of males
All are looking for a tank style set up a minimum size of 60cm x 40cm for the single hamsters and a minimum of 80cm x 50cm for the pairs and trio

dwarf hamsters

Meet the lovely Toffee and Nutella This lovely pair of girls came into our care via Rspca inspectors from a multi animal home. Both girls are young adults.

Toffee is on the left, she is a little more confident than Nutella now and will lie down in the hay outside of the hideaways.  They are relaxing into every day life in a family home a little more each day and we are working with them to make sure they can be handled safely.

They love their food especially their greens and veggies and have even started making wheeking noises now when they hear a rustle and think something could be for them!

Toffee and Nutella are looking for a home together. They are independent girls who like their own space so they are looking for a home where they will have plenty of space  (minimum 5ftx3ft or 6ftx2ft with access to a large run daily) they will also need at least 2 hides as they don't like to share their beds!

Meet Gavin and Graham. Gavin and Graham are a pair of castrated brothers who came into our care along with several other guinea pigs from a house with 80+ guinea pigs. They are just over a year old and are looking for their forever home together.

They are super chatty boys, especially when it's veggie feeding time! They are typical guinea pigs, nervous in nature but are becoming more confident in their foster home. They are great hay eaters aswell as loving the fresh grass in their run.

Gavin and Graham have been heath checked by an exotics specialist vet and both have been castrated.

Gavin and Graham
Gavin and Graham
Gavin and Graham

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